Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Leadership in Innovation

How do leaders develop create and nurture aspirations, identify breakthrough propositions, unleash the passion and energy in teams, explore new ways and challenge old assumptions/behaviours & mindsets, and identify and build leadership competencies?

New innovations in organisations are primarily driven by a broad innovation culture coupled with top management ownership. Building an innovation culture involves creation of an organisation that is set-up to continuously look-out for new ideas and concepts, either inside or outside the organisation, and reapply them rapidly to drive both incremental and disruptive innovations.

What does an Innovation friendly culture mean? What are the reward & recognition structures? What is the Leadership attitude towards Innovation failure? How the learnings from the failures are crystallized, harvested and made available continuously for the organisation. How is the Innovation culture embedded in the Organisational DNA?


kprabhakar975 said...

Recently Toscani, Oliviero of Benetton, commenting on India has told that one of the greatest innovation in politics in the world is given by Mahatma Gandhi.
Can we learn some of the leadership lessons on Innovation by Mahatma Gandhi?

navneet said...

Leaders have a huge responsibility in building a culture of psychological safety and nurturing the "intensity to fail". Innovation happens when bigger, beyond boundaries, beyond constraints ideas are experimented - How Big has been your last failure should be the criteria to measure performance. In a culture where small successes are celebrated and any failure considered No Go - Leadership Fails.