Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Funding Innovations

How do organisations create a fund for nurturing innovation? How do innovators & entrepreneurs within and outside the organisation get their ideas/ventures funded? While examining Innovation proposals what do Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors look for? What are the emerging trends in areas like – Concept uniqueness and relevance, Market Acceptance, Business plan – revenue generation, profitability and exit options, and Leadership – Innovators passion, expertise and competence etc? What are the various parameters along which Innovation successes are measured? Given the unknown territory and unseen results how do innovators make their funding propositions more innovation friendly?

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kprabhakar975 said...

Recently Guy Kawasaki has posted his experience with venture capitalists.It is in It appears that he has some valid points,which he calls as Top 10 lies of Venture Capitalists. Is it possible to address some the issues that are raised by him?