Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Innovation Networks and Partnerships

Solutions and concepts for most innovation needs can be best met by looking at places beyond the traditional sphere. Increasingly, companies are realizing that the innovation potential that lies outside of a company is exponentially larger and often, much more effective & viable than the in-house capability. Innovation networks and partnerships are all about systematically tapping into these external innovation assets.

  • Innovation networks: Innovation networks bring together either problem solvers or power brokers (who have access to problem solvers) on a single platform so that a specific innovation need or problem can reach out to the best possible solution provider.

  • Open Innovation ecosystems: Open innovation ecosystems revolve around the philosophy of like-minded organisations with complementary needs being co-located in a single campus/location, pooling manpower and other resources and working together on new innovations relevant to all participants in this ecosystem.

  • Strategic partnerships: Industry-Government partnerships & Industry-University alliances deliver innovations to solve real-life problems in a model that brings together industrial funding and the best brains together in win-win relationships.


kprabhakar975 said...

Greetings. I am Prof.K.Prabhakar, one of the participant. One of the most important issue relating to innovation is the nurturing of intelligences. In our country we focus to a large extent on verbal,mathematical and logical skills and ignore other most important intelligences such as inter personal skills,digital intelligences etc as given by Dr.Howard Gardner. Is it possible to focus on this particular dimension of nurturing intelligences during the conference? with warm regards

kprabhakar975 said...

Social Enterprises are in need of networking and can effectively work in open innovation ecosystem in my opinion. The reason is they have less to work with copy rights issues. Is it possible to focus on open innovation ecosystems with respect to social enterprises during the conference? said...

Social innovation sometimes is not just good but also compulsory, unless one would like to wait for somebody to pay for it before they themselves get benefited.
I believe both proprietary innovation and social innovation has space to unfold without affecting each other.
Power of social and collaborative innovation is enormous if tapped in a systematic ways, I am also a believer of possibility for commercializing social and collaborative innovation in a big way.