Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Commercializing Innovations

Recognizing the challenge and creating breakthrough solutions is one thing and commercializing Innovation is quite another. The session would primarily evaluate the various go-to-market models for Innovative ideas. What are the learnings, guiding principles and pitfalls around commercializing Innovation? What are the various ways and mechanisms available for innovators to generate commercial value for their innovation? What are the challenges in commercializing innovations –regulatory, infrastructure, Intellectual property, ROI measurement etc that India Inc faces today?


navneet said...

The topic is an oxymoron. From my vantage point Innovation is "successful exploitation of Ideas (New/Old)" - The commercialization of Innovation does not make sense - one needs to qualify that commercialization of for example social innovation. I thinking Commercialization of Ideas may be an appropriate title.

Karthikeyan Iyer said...

In fact, I wouldnt even impose the caveat of "successful exploitation of ideas". If you "novate" something, i.e. create a new way of doing something, it should serve to count as "innovation". The idea doesnt need to come first. I would rather look at innovation from a functional perspective, which is, what funtion do I need to novate? Then, generate ideas to do the same. Hopefully, one or more of these ideas will result in a new way of achieving the function, at which point one could say that the function has been novated.