Saturday, June 21, 2008

Services Innovation- Humanics

Here's an experience:

Airlines A: Ontime takeoff, ontime landing, luggage on time; studded with technology but lacks human touch.
Airline B: Ontime takeoff, ontime landing, luggage on time; great human touch.

As for the metrics, both score well on all parameter. But which one would you choose to fly with. For me and for Samson David from Infosys, the answer is clearly Airline- B.

Impressing upon the point that customer delight is created not just by Mechanics but largely and increasingly by Humanics.

Customer delight is a three step process that involves: Knowing --> Engaging/ Exciting --> Partnering.
By taking examples from firms such as Lego, Apple, Nike, and a few telecom firms, David drove the point home that how vital is to partner with customers as co-creators.
While attempting this, three questions needs to be answered:
  • How can I design for my experience?
  • Are my internal systems aligned to make it happen?
  • Is my top management game for it?

Remember, customer delight can come from serendipity. It needs to come by design and Humanics goes a long way in ensuring it.

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workhard said...

Hi, this is a good post. Agreed with you on how human relations are very important in building loyalties and good business.

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