Monday, June 14, 2010

Themes for the Event

Here's a quick (tentative) overview of what one should expect at the CII Innovation Summit '10.
  • Inaugural Session- Key notes by Ashok Nayak (HAL); Dr. K Radhakrishnan (ISRO); and S Chandrasekhar (CII Karnataka State Council).
  • Session 1: The New Models of Innovation- Talks by Ashish Chatterjee (Procter & Gamble); Dr. Swaminathan Subramaniam (Merck & Co); Wolfgang Lehmacher (GeoPost Intercontinental); and girish Wardadkar (KPIT Cummins).
  • Session 2: The Changing Demographic Profile of India- Talks by Rahul Bedi (Intel); HK Mittal (National Science Tech and Entrepreneurship Development Board); Suhas Gopinath (Blobals Inc); and Shailesh Rao (Google)
  • Session 3: Organization and Creation of the Innovation DNA- Talks by Ajay Nanavati (3M); Andrew J Ouderkirk (3M); Dr. Md Yunus (Grameen Bank); and Idit Biton (Systematic Inventive Thinking)
  • Banquet Session: Innovation Beyond Business- Talks by Kris (Infosys); Dr. Kiran Bedi (Former DGP); Boman Irani (Indian Film and Theatre Actor); and Anil Kumble (Former Indian Cricketer).

Day 2

  • Session 4: Is India Innovating- Talks by I Vijayakumar (Wipro); Arvin Baalu (Harman); Chetan Maini (Reva Car Co.); Raul Basil (Villgro Innovations); Manoj Kuman Mandelia (Canopus India); and Preeta Reddy (Apollo Hospitals).
  • Session 5: Opportunities for Biz and Tech Innovations by Industries- Talks by Subu Goparaju (Infosys); Anurag Gupta (A Little World); Capt. Raghu Raman (National Intelligence Grid); Mahapara Ali (SBI); and Dr. Suresh Deshpande (IAGES).
  • Session 6: Valedictory Session- Talks by Kris (Infosys); VP Baligar/ Dr. Raj Kumar Kharti (Govt. of Karnataka); Katta Subramanya Naidu (Govt. of Karnataka) and Aroon Raman (CII Karnataka State Council)

You can also follow the event on Twitter- #CII_Innovation.

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