Tuesday, June 22, 2010

India Innovation Summit- Day-2 Session-V

The theme for this session was: Potential for Business and Technological Innovation by Industries.
Focusing on the holistic growth of India, the session featured few of the socio-economic opportunities being explored. Subu Goparaju (Head Setlabs, Infosys) chaired the session.
First up was Anurag Gupta (CEO, A Little World), who showcased his novel micro-finance product- ZERO. Comprised of a mobile phone and a handheld device it's a novel solution currently powering some 60 lakh banking customers across India. The device is solar powered, has fingerprint and voice print recognition, and is a self sufficient unit. The bank is run by women inside the house and is fairly intuitive and safe. With one banking branch for every 35 villages in India, Anurag maintains that India has a huge room for micro-finance.
Ashish Gawade (CEO, BOPEE Innovations) was next. Sighting instances from the research work done by late Prof. CK Prahalad and Manashakti Centre of Peace of Mind, Ashish depicted the wealth that lies at the bottom of the pyramid and the need to enable/ mobilize it.
One of the distinct speakers at the session was Dr. Suresh Deshpande (President IAGES), who spoke about his experience in creating a robotic arm useful in laparoscopy operations. The ingenuity and the intent of Dr. Suresh was commendable while creating Swarm which is far economical than other solutions available in the market. For his emphatic talk and commendable achievements, he received a standing ovation from the audience.
The last of the speakers was Rajendra Pratap Gupta (International Heathcare and Retail Expert), the person who wrote the manifesto for BJP. He depicted the 1/3 rule that he coined sometime back, that pretty much applies to everything in India, ranging from mobile penetration to people in BPL and India's GDP. Through a series of suggestions, Rajendra deliberated on pressing issues including- agriculture, healthcare, poverty and distribution. A talk full of interesting facts.
Subu did a very good job in moderating the panel discussion and keeping the Q&A focused (often a tough task).

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